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Becki DeGraw

Partner, Corporate

Wilson Sonsini

Legal Basics with Wilson Sonsini

Negotiating a Term Sheet

Employment Agreement Deep Dive

Understanding Financing Structures

Avoiding Co-Founder Legal Disputes, C-Corp vs LLC

How to Run an Efficient Board Meeting

Stock Option Grants Deep Dive

Common First-Time Founder Mistakes Part 1

Common First-Time Founder Mistakes Part 2


Scott Orn


Kruze Consulting

Finance Basics with Kruze Consulting

Managing Finances in a Recession

How to Send Effective Investor Updates

Financial Info to Include in Your Pitch Deck

Managing Your Cash Reserves

How to Send Effective Investor Updates

Managing Finances in a Recession

Crypto Accounting for Startups

End of Year Startup Accounting Checklist

How to Hire Anywhere in the World

How to Simplify Diligence & Avoid Fraud

Budgets, Models & What Investors are Looking for

Five Things You Need to Nail to Scale

Startup Taxes Deep Dive

How to Ace Diligence & Avoid Common Mistakes


Tiffani Bova

Global Growth and Innovation Evangelist


Customer Basics with Salesforce

Customer Experience

Customer Engagement

Customer Management

Customer Growth & Retention

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